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Bluetooth RosieScan Bladder Scanner

Prevent Unnecessary Catheterizations with RosieScan Bladder Scanner. Bluetooth connectivity with RosieConnect 2.0 platform.

At last, your facility can afford advanced technology to reduce UTI’s and the resulting readmission penalties with the Rosie Scan Bladder Scanner. This easy-to-use, portable, non-invasive scanner effectively screens residents to aid your team by determining residual volumes and the need for indwell and/or intermittent catheterization. Patient ID and 100 case memory deliver historical data to your nursing staff, resulting in decreased catheterizations and decreased potential for UTIs and urethral trauma. Full color screen and print out provide the accuracy and documentation to assist your team in care planning. Help your facility take a giant step toward reduced readmissions for UTI’s and increased patient satisfaction with the Rosie Scan. Acquisition programs designed for the challenges of every long term care budget.